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How to Make Earrings - Funky Hoops with Spikes

I love statement earrings. I want them big, shiny, and to have lots of movement to catch the light. I also want them light weight, because I don't want saggy lobes! This week I am teaching you how to make one of my most popular styles of earrings so that you can try for yourself if you're like me and want to make everything. If you you don't want to go through the effort or don't have the supplies you can just buy a pair from me ;)

Ok so here are the earrings we're making. I love how they move.

There is a full video at the bottom of this blog if you want detailed visuals and explanations. The supply list I used:

  • 26 gauge sheet brass

  • 20 gauge brass round wire

  • Metal shears

  • Flat pliers

  • Round nose pliers

  • Wire snips

  • Sharpie

  • Bastard file

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Metal hole punch

  • Round Object

  • Scrap paper

First we want to create a template for our spike design so that they will be even. I cut mine out of some scrap paper I had. Then I trace this design on to the metal using a sharpie. I cut these out using my metal shears. In this picture I was making a batch of earrings so you'll see a group of triangles. If you're making a pair, you'll only need 2.

Triangles, especially freshly cut metal ones are sharp. So we want to blunt the edges of these so you don't impale yourself. I do this by first snipping off the sharp edges.

Then I take my file and I further round them to ensure they aren't sharp.

To cut the hole in the spike that will slide onto the hoop. I mark the piece with a sharpie and then I use my trusty hole punch and punch a hole.

To remove the sharpie just wipe with rubbing alcohol.

To make the hoop you want to find a round object that is slightly smaller than the hoop size you want. The metal will bounce back and be a larger round when you release it from being wrapped. I used an old toothpick container. Wrap this around. You'll want to wrap it around at least 3 times to ensure you have enough material.

Cut rounds that are longer than a full circle so that you'll have enough material to make a loop on the top.

Take your round pliers and make a loop on one end. At this point slide your spike on to the loose end. Then use your flat pliers to press the loose end and the loop together. Then wrap the loose end around the base of the loop you just formed.

Attach the ear wires, and you're good to go!

The video explanation does a better job of explaining how to make these. I recommend you give it a watch!.

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