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This palette combines my favorite handmade colors that I have the formulas written down! It's meant to be a palette for all your sketching needs, including a graphite watercolor so you can even sketch with the paint itself! While you can buy these colors individually, this little package comes with them all in one place and also there's a bundle discount for getting all of them so you can save a little instead of buying them individually.


The colors are: 

  • Pencil Paint - A graphite watercolor that you can smudge, great for shadowing effects!
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Gorgeous red brown
  • Fresh Watermelon - Delightfully bright red
  • Yellow Curry - Creamy Yellow
  • Whipped Cream - Bright white for adding highlights or mixing with other colors to make them more opaque
  • Chard - Lucious green
  • Rocket Pop Blue - Perfect middle blue color
  • Black Olive - Granulating black
  • Unicorn & - Stunning gold metallic


This palette includes:

- 8 half pans of handmade watercolor 

- 1 Full pan of graphite watercolor

- Tin

- 2 sponges to help with water control

- Swatch Card


*Please note these are handmade watercolors hand assembled. There may be some slight settling to some of the pans a some variations between sets. 


Sketch Set - Handmade Watercolor Palette

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