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About Rebel Unicorn Crafts

If you'd like to work with Lacey, you can download her media kit here.

Rebel Unicorn Crafts grew out of Lacey's need to work with her hands and spread they joys of creativity. Over the years she has taken many classes to learn art and crafting and more often then not she felt a little ripped off by the experience. One such class cost her hundreds of dollars in both supplies and class fees only to find out that this class had 30 other participants and only 1 teacher. Most of the supplies that were listed on the required supply sheet weren't even used and sit unused in her closet. So she went on a mission to create classes that helped lower the barrier to entry for creativity. Her goal is to create classes where you you can learn while using your own supplies. In addition to this, her interest in art supplies has inspired her to create accessible  art supplies, plus some handmade! None of these are required for the classes, but do make a nice addition to your supplies.

Lacey is a marketer by  trade earning her bachelors and master's degree in related fields. However, she much prefers being behind a canvas  or at her work bench instead of a computer. Her favorite things to play with are: acrylic paint, watercolor, silver, and copper.

Nick originally studied aerospace engineering, but his love of computers got in the way and he is now a computer programmer. Lacey was very excited to find that Nick had a hidden artistic talent. His doodles are otherworldly and he is a great test student. His favorite class has been String Art and has made numerous decorations for his office.

Moogie is the best doogie in the world. Lacey may be biased, but wholeheartedly believes this. Moogie provides emotional support by laying in the studio as well as inspiring many of Lacey's paintings. She's also in charge of maintaining work life balance and tells Lacey when it's time for a play break. 


Chief Teaching Unicorn

Lacey is the creator behind Rebel Unicorn Crafts. She experiments and creates all classes as well as teaching them.  She also wishes she could be a unicorn.


Chief Bro-nicorn

Nick is the test subject for all classes as well as constantly trying to find a bro-angle for crafting. 


Chief Good Girl

Bark bark bark, yip, yip, howoooll yip, bark bark bark, woof woof woof woof bark baroooo bark bark woof yip yip yip.

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