Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation policy?

Virtual classes that are booked through me can be cancelled and eligible for a refund up to 48 hours after booking. A cancellation more than 3 weeks out from shipping is eligble for a 50% refund if supply boxes have not yet been mailed. Cancellations closer than 3 weeks until class time or once supply kits have been shipped are not eligible for cancellation.

Where are your classes held?

Currently, all classes are held remotely.

What is a class like?

I do a short introduction. Typically, I have a few examples and ask for feedback on which the class would like to focus. Then we discuss the supplies, experiment, and get to work!

How big are classes?

This is up to you! I can accomodate most class sizes but do require at least 6 participants to book a virtual event. I prefer to have less than 20 in a virtual class so there's plenty of time for particpants to ask questions.

What if I have no prior craft or art knowledge?

Don't worry about it! These classes have been designed to fit all experience levels. I test all classes on someone who has no prior knowledge of the task to ensure they can do it!

How do I book a virtual company event?

Contact me! You can do that through the forms on the website or via my email lacey@rebelunicorncrafts.com! Once we've decided the date, class, and number of particpants I will send you an invoice!

How do I reserve a class time?

Please email me at lacey@rebelunicorncrafts.com so we can discuss your event. We can discuss details and dates. Your date is not officially reserved until payment for the class has been received. I will try to notify you if a conflict arises to give you first right of refusal. If I don't hear back from you within 24 hours I will assume you no longer want to move forward with the class and give your slot time to the new inquiry.