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Sketchbook Series Supply Ideas

Treat this list as suggestions, this series it meant to be adapted to the supplies you have, but in case you're curious about what I am using here's some more info! Some of these supplies are my own brand, and some are Amazon Affiliate links that I earn a small commission from.

crave set with other tins.png


So far in this series I have used the following watercolors in different paintings:


In this series I have mainly used this sketchbook from Arteza. Quick note, I am not sure I'd recommend this one. I love the size, but the paper is too thin.

I have also used a sketchbook I sell

Here are some other sketchbooks that I have used in the past that I like:

watercolor notebook.jpg
Colorful Pens

Mixed Media

In addition to watercolor I like to throw in a little mixed media. Here are some of the supplies I use often:

Other Supplies

A few other supplies that are helpful in this series:

Tape- either to tape edges or make stripes!

Good brushes:

Fancy Art Supplies
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