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Take one of my classes!

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Hi! I'm Lacey, the artist behind Rebel Unicorn Crafts!

I am a watercolorist, acrylic painter, metalsmith, and maker of things! I love creating and even more than that I love sharing this passion with others! My goal is to provide high quality classes that will not only teach you some skills, and inspire a creative desire, but also each class we make something tangible!


I offer a couple ways to take classes. Either pre-recorded work at your own pace classes or my virtual classes are perfect for team building and connection events. They take about 90 minutes and come with everything you’ll need to participate (aside from some water) all shipped directly to each participant! 

Work at your own pace

I currently have 1 full class you can enjoy and many other's in the works. These classes are pre-recorded and you can  access them and work on your own schedule! These classes allow me to put a lot more content in them because we aren't constrained by time, so we can cover more! The current class is Getting Started With Watercolor and you can find more details right below.

Live Virtual Group Classes

Want to carve out some creative time to help you and a group of friends or colleagues unwind? I can host a live virtual class that also includes supply kits shipped directly to each particpant's door! These classes are perfectly suited for 60-90 minute time frames. You can find more information below after the Getting Started With Watercolor Class section.


Getting Started With Watercolor

This comprehensive course has hours of instruction and takes you through everything from supplies, how to use them, exercises, and fun compositions.

Lovely Watercolor Landscapes

This is the perfect class for intermediate painters, or beginners who have at least dabbled in some basic watercolor techniques like flat washes, lifting, and wet-on-wet vs wet-on-dry.

It has full instructions on how to paint 6 different landscapes as well as it explores variables over the course of 3.5 hours of edited instruction. 



Current Class Offerings!

  • Watercolor

  • Fluid Painting

  • Paper Quilling

How My Classes Work 

  • I teach virtual creative classes in a variety of topics.

  • Classes can be held through video conferencing, I prefer to use Google Meet, but can accommodate most virtual platforms if requested.

  • Classes are priced per participant. The price includes the virtual class, supply kit, and domestic 7 day shipping.

  • I can accommodate some international shipping at an additional cost, contact me directly to find out more!

  • I teach classes between 9AM and 8PM Mountain Time, so that should give you plenty of time to choose from.

  • Classes are typically 90 minutes

  • I send supply kits to all of your participants directly so you don’t need to worry about it!

  • We hop on during our scheduled time and we create together!

How to Book!

You're just an email or two away from a fun class!

Contact me direction at for more details on booking and availability.  Or fill out the form to have me contact you!

Yes! I'd like more information!

Thanks for submitting!


Mini Watercolor Mountain Silhouettes 

20191105_073922-01 (1).jpeg

Available Virtually!

Paper Quilling


Available Virtually!

solderless custom metal jewelry


Abstract Water Color


Available Virtually!

Fluid Painting

20190416_215336 (3).jpg

Available Virtually!

Macrame EArrings

20190823_134807 (2).jpg

Available Virtually!

String Pull Painting


Hammered Metal Jewelry

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