Classes I Teach

I love creativity and exploring different crafts and mediums, so I explore a lot of areas, test them, and develop classes. 

There are a variety of ways for you to learn with me. I teach private group virtual classes that include supply kits, for a full listing of classes you can browse below. If you're interested in booking one you can email me  at to get started with the booking process. These classes are perfect for work events!

I have an online course that will help you get started with watercolor. To register for this course you can head over to my Teachable site. 

Getting Started With Watercolor

This comprehensive course has hours of instruction and takes you through everything from supplies, how to use them, exercises, and fun compositions.

Mini Watercolor Mountain Silhouettes 

20191105_073922-01 (1).jpeg

Available Virtually!

Abstract Water Color


Available Virtually!

Paper Quilling


Available Virtually!

Fluid Painting

20190416_215336 (3).jpg

Available Virtually!

solderless custom metal jewelry


Macrame EArrings

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Available Virtually!

String Pull Painting


Hammered Metal Jewelry