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Welcome to a little reprieve from the isolation and scary news!

If you're anything like me creating and getting into a creative flow can be a helpful escape from constant bombardment of frightening news. 

Here are some resources that I have created if you want to get to creating!

I have a YouTube Channel filled with how to videos on different painting, jewelry, and other craft techniques.

I will be doing free art classes every Friday night at 7PM MT. To find the Zoom details visit my Facebook or Instagram accounts for info! Facebook Link

I am going to be working on supply lists and more events. Remember, just because you can't use the exact recommended supplies doesn't mean you can't do it, if you're supplies differ a little, that's fine. We can adapt.

For fluid painting:

Basic Supplies:


-Acrylic paint


-Container or protective surface to paint in

---You could use a cardboard box, drop cloth, disposable

    metal tray


---Any size as long as it fits in your container or on protective 


-Cups/containers that are disposable or not used for food

-Something to hold up your canvas, like tacks, pieces of 

  cardboard, hangers, or painting stands





For Watercolor:

Basic Supplies


-Watercolor paint, I prefer tube paints, but use what you

  prefer, have, or can get

-Watercolor brush, I recommend size 10, it can do almost


-towel or paper towel



-masking tape

-watercolor paper

- hard surface, masonite, cardboard, foamboard.

Shippable Supply List

Acrylic Paints


Craft Smart


Folk Art

Apple Barrel 

Arteza Pre-Mixed Pour Paint



8x10 canvs pack

6x6 canvas pack

11x14 double canvas pack

Watercolor supplies


Shinhan Watercolor Tubes

Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor Paper


Paint Palette

Masking Tape

Paper Quilling Supplies


Paper Quill

Full Quilling Set

Pre-cut paper

Scrapbook Glue

Paper Cutter

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