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This limited edition palette is made to be Almost Gouache, hence the name. I have been loving playing witth black paper, and that requires more opacity to paints to show up well. So, I made these colors that are kind of watercolor, kind of gouache. If used lightly they can still be transparent, but they have enough opacity that if you use them boldly they are far from transparent! Even though I developed them with black paper in mind, they also work great on white paper!


This set comes with 9 colors:


  1. Blissful Beige - Soft pink beige that has a subtle shimmer
  2. Grand Goldenrod - Gorgeous golden yellow with a subtle shimmer
  3. Cheerful Coral - Bright orangey coral color
  4. Perky Pink - Bright and opaque
  5. Moody Mauve - Stunning muted mauve color
  6. Lavender Luxury - Gorgeous blueish purple
  7. Clever Cornflower - A perky blue
  8. Breezy Blue- A bright but soft blue similar to a sunny day
  9. Mighty Mint - Bright and pastel green

*Please note that that these colors are handmade and hand filled, so some variation in the pans is normal. Also, to ensure they arrive safely, I place a little wax paper and filling in the tins, these can be removed after opening, I just add them to give them a little extra protection while bouncing around during the shipping journey.


For best results wet the colors and wait about 30 seconds before use.

Almost Gouache - Limited Edition Handmade Watercolor Palette

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