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Love metallic watercolor, but just need a little of it?


This cute little tin of watercolors contains three quarter pans of metallic watercolor. You read that right, quarter pans, so half the size of a half pan. Metallics are perfect for quarter pans because we often just want a little touch of it, and now you can get 3 of my favorite metallics in a cute little package for whatever little highlights you need!


This tin includes 3 quarter pans of handmade watercolor:

  • Unicorn $ - Rich creamy gold
  • Moon Dust - Sparkly dark silver
  • Spell Bound - Gorgeous copper


*Handmade watercolors are all made and assembled by me, that means there might be some imperfections in the the way the pans are filled, but they all work wonderfully.


Tin color may vary depending on availability.


For best results place some water on the pans and let them sit for about 30-60 seconds before use!

Classic Metallics Trio - Quarter Pans

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