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Each week in the Summer of 2023 I went and picked flowers at a co-op farm near me. I love the beautiful blooms, the interesting bugs, and being outside. Something about these flowers just made me want to to paint them. So I did that, and while I was playing around I stumbled onto a new style that incorporated a mixture of watercolor, walnut ink, pencil, and pastels.


Each painting in this series is titled to reflect the time of the year they were picked based on what was currently in bloom.


The paintings are on 9x12 watercolor paper, but matted with an 8x10 opening. The paintings come framed in a 11x14 frame. This is partially because I believe they are complimented by the frame, but also it serves as protection for the artwork during shipping. If you choose to reframe them, handle the piece with care as the front can be smudged with water or friction.


Please note, these are original works and therefore they come with all the quirks of artwork.

"End of June" - Original Artwork - Mixed Media

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