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This set will always be one of my favorites because it's so shiny!


These handmade watercolors are perfect for adding shine, sparkle, and interesting effects to your paints. They can also be used for caligraphy and handlettering! I am just not talented enough to show you that, my handwriting looks like a Doctor's note.


Anyways, this set includes 7 beautiful colors:


Mermaid Scales - Gorgeous shimmery and shiny teal.


Black Sand Beach - Intriguing color with black tones, pink, purple, shimmer, and even flecks of black glitter for texture!


Magic Spell - Gorgeous shiny cool tone gold.


Spellbound - The perfec copper watercolor!


Unicorn $  - A crowd favorite lucious warm gold.


Unicorn Blush - A bright pink neon color with shimmer and slight purple blue color shift.


Moon Dust - Gorgeous grey shimmering color with flecks of super reflective silver colored specks.


These sets include 7 half pans of watercollor and come in a tin with a screw off lid. 


These sets are all hand made, so some variation between the way pans are filled is natural. 


Marvelous Metallics - Handmade Watercolor Palette

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