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I lived in Australia for a little over a year and during that time I became very Platypus curious. So  much so that I would often visit the zoo to see one, but every time except for one time I went it was hiding. For a time I even had a theory that the zoo didn't actually have a platypus, they just had signs that said "Don't see the platypus, they can be shy". I figured it was probably cheaper to make signs that take care of a platypus. Anyways, in fact I did see the platypus and it was just as magical as I had imagined.


This painting I made while reminiscing on my time searching for the platypus. It's a mixture of watercolor and acrylic on a 12x9 watercolor paper.



*Please note that this is an original artwork and therefore there might be some warping on the paper or small inconsistencies.

"Platypus Adventures"- Original Artwork - Mixed Media

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