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I have been teasing these for quite some time, and you have been asking! I finally have these quill watercolor brushes available for sale!


A few things to note:

  • The sizing on quill brushes works differently than on normal round brushes. For example a size1 quill brush is similar to a size 6 round brush, a size 3 quill brush will be similar to a size 12 round brush. The size 6 quill brush could eat my normal round brush as a snack.
  • Quill brushes hold a TON  of water. The bristles are also arranged in a way that makes them a little less predictable, but oh do they have such a wonderful point.

Details about this brush:

  • Size 1 Quill Brush
  • Synthetic bristles
  • Fun dark teal handle

Size 1 Quill Brush

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