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Want to try your hand at using handmade paints, but not sure what colors and swatching along isn't enough? Curious about watercolor but not sure if you really want to commit to the supplies, so you just want a little to get started? Need help with what to paint?


Then this is the kit for you! This kit includes the supplies you'll need (besides basic household items like water) to make a cute painting. The kit comes with access to an exclusive tutorial just for the kit using the same supplies and real time instruction.


The basic kit includes:

  • QR code access to exclusive tutorial
  • Generous dot cards with my handmade paint (you could paint this probably 10 times with the amount of paint on these!)
  • 140lb pre-cut 5x7 watercolor paper and tester strips
  • Washi tape
  • Pipette


Don't have a brush? You can choose the brush bundle and add on my favorite size 12 round brush at a discounted rate!


The QR code is included in the kit, so when you receive it you can watch the video and get right to painting!


*Please note that these kits and watercolor dots are all handmade so some variation may occur.

Sunflower Watercolor Tutorial Kit w/ Handmade Watercolor!

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