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Ready to learn watercolor?

I designed this course just for beginners! It has everything I wish I had known when getting started with watercolor.  In this class we learn practical advice, have fun and play with abstract exercises, and then complete 2 very different final projects! You can take it at your own pace as you have time!

$45 for lifetime access to the class!

detail blueberry.png

It has everything you'll need to start watercolor with confidence!

  • Feeling overwhelmed by supplies? I help break down the necessities and talk differences. No specific supplies are needed for this class, use what you have!

  • Don't understand why certain things happen? I break down different effects and how to avoid or encourage watercolors natural effects.

  • Want to paint something successfully? The compositions in this class are meant to boost your confidence! 

  • Need to loosen up? We do that too!

testing colors_edited.jpg

I even discuss tips and tricks for swatching colors and getting to know your paints!

mountain layers
some supplies

In this class I cover everything I wish I'd known before starting watercolor.

  • Best practices, when to use them, and when it doesn't really matter.

  • Tips and tricks for getting the effects you want and avoiding the ones you don't!

  • Fun abstract pieces that teach something while playing with color.

  • Colorful compositions that are adaptable and fun to paint!

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