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I'm so excited you're here!
Are you ready to learn? I have 3 self-paced courses to help you get started!

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Virtual Class

Interested in a virtual class for your team or event?

With virtual classes I include supply kits and instruction time. We use the video conference system of your choice for a 1.5 hour long class. My classes are aimed at all skill levels and provide real knowledge that can be applied to other projects.

My most popular virtual class currently is Mini Mountain Silhouettes.

To book a class first we decide on a time that would work for everyone. I send out supply boxes, so I need at least 2 weeks to pack and make sure everyone's kits arrive on time. We pick a date and then I provide an invoice through Square for payment. Then I create a Google Form for your team to provide me shipping and email info. I only use this contact info for shipping purposes. From there we hop on and enjoy the class; it lasts around 1.5 hours!

Class pricing is determined based on the options you choose. Below is an example class along with pricing and description.

  • Class: Mini Mountain Silhouettes - This is an all skill levels class and teaches really great foundational skills. The class can also be customized for those more advanced with watercolor. Example pictures are below. During the class we'll work on 3 different paintings and your team can have say (i.e., color, clouds, water, fields) in the style of each of them so it's customized to them. 

  • Virtual instruction and supply kits are included

  •  Starting at $60 per person (per US participant, international participants vary depending on shipping costs)


To get started contact me at or fill out the form below!

Plan a virtual class!

I'll be in touch shortly!


I'm Lacey, the Chief Teaching Unicorn at Rebel Unicorn Crafts and I have an unstoppable need to create! Whether it's painting, drawing, crafting, pottery, or silversmithing I can't stop creating (it was hard to stop to even write this paragraph).  I am always thinking of new things to make and experimenting with new mediums. 

I think art and creativity are crucial to the world. I believe that art and creativity can be essential for achieving happiness, and escaping from troubles. I believe it's beautiful and therapeutic. Along with that, I believe that spreading knowledge and creativity is key. So you can follow along with my adventures through my blog and shop, or learn directly from one of my classes taught virtually or through my YouTube!

Join me on TikTok for bi-weekly watercolor classes! I host them every other Saturday at 11:00AM MT!


Get crafty! Find inspiration and learn arts and Crafts!

Have questions or special requests? Drop me a line!

     Thanks for submitting!     

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